Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I have a love for home decorating/renovating, and have longed to start a blog to highlight all of the changes I'll be making to our home. I really don't have the time to be doing this now...full-time graduate school, part-time work, mom/step-mom to six kids, and wife to my best friend!...but whatever, I love nothing more than procrastinating school work! I'm going to start by introducing myself and our family...

Julie. 30-something. Lover of coffee, starry nights, hot bread, the smell of lemons, eye wrinkles, fresh notebooks, good books, Thai food, and trees.
Brian. Not 30-something. 6'4". My best friend. My love. My husband. My partner. The man who makes me laugh more than anyone else in the world. My shelter. My comfort. And pretty much the best guy ever.
Between the two of us we have six kids.
Miss is the oldest. She is in college, and out on her own. She loves Johnny Depp, The Golden Girls, NCIS, her brothers, and my cheesecake.
Young Mr. is next oldest. He looks like his dad. He's 18 and attending the same online university as his dad and me. He loves being with his friends, laughs easily, and we've developed a great friendship.
Next is Diva. Dramatic, out-going, energetic, usually right (and always thinks she is), creative, and is going to own the world one day. She's 10. She wants to be a singer/actress, and she has the spark, the talent, and the drive to do it.
Justice. 6 months younger than Emilie. Master of witty comebacks. Loud shower singer. The policeman of the family. Tender heart.
Taco. Almost 6 years old. Big brown eyes. Cute lisp. Gamer extraordinaire. Future stuntman.
Youngest. 5 years old. Loves to love everyone. Always willing to share. Has his daddy wrapped around his finger. And going to be tall!

We are an imperfect blend. We love each other. We fight. We are committed to making this family strong, by keeping our marriage strong.

Our house was my husband's grandparents house. His mother was raised here. He was raised here. It has a lot of history, a lot of projects, and a lot of potential!

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